When to Raise VC

Great insights from one of the guys behind meebo.com. Folks are fond of saying that VCs have so much money they need to invest that they’re just giving money away. This really isn’t what’s going on. It’s true that VCs have pretty sizable amounts of cash to invest in promising startups, but the result is … Continue reading When to Raise VC

Designing the Entrepreneurship Course

Note: Starting today, I will recommend the use of “Entrepreneurship” in place of “Technopreneurship” for a number of reasons. First is that I’ve come to realize that they are one and the same. Second is that there is a tendency for some individuals, especially the techie types (that includes me), to focus too much on the technology side and forget about the entrepreneurial aspects when the word “technopreneurship” is used.

First off, I need to acknowledge that an elective course on entrepreneurship (currently labeled technopreneurship) has been designed and integrated within computer science and I.T.(?) programs across a number of universities in Davao City. I’d like to clarify that this post is not intended as a criticism of those courses: I haven’t seen the design of those courses. Rather, I’d like to offer this post as a contribution as well as a means to start a discussion with the relevant individuals responsible for implementing this course. I’ll start by discussing some ideas that have been floating in my head since early last year. Continue reading “Designing the Entrepreneurship Course”

Unique Principles of Technopreneurship

Over the past few months I have learned and collected a list of principles that make technopreneurship unique from entrepreneurship. Here is that list: Nothing to see here. I have learned that there are no special principles that make technopreneurship unique from entrepreneurship: Both regard innovation critical in remaining competitive in the marketplace, both regard … Continue reading Unique Principles of Technopreneurship