The Power of Fun

Spotted on the web:

“All cities with populations of 3,000 or more are required by law to publish and distribute (yawn) drinking water quality reports. Cities hate doing them, and residents throw them away, often without a glance. Bo-ring.

This year, we developed a mid-year calendar (who sends out a calendar in July???) that featured fun photos of out Water Services employees — guys who never, ever get the spotlight or recognition. Yet they perform a mega-essential service. So imagine what people thought when they opened their mailboxes and found a calendar that has a cover photo of water guys synchronized swimming in a pool?”

“You have to open something like that and see what’s inside. And that’s exactly what people did. They loved the concept, the fun photos and…they even read the boring legal information. I move around town and quite often see the calendars hanging in businesses or in homes. We’ve had tons of requests for this thing — even from other cities. And I believe it will change the way cities approach publications like this because they never knew that they could show a sense of humor.”


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