Where Should the Philippines Go?

Where does our national competency lie?

The reason I ask has something to do with my observation of many prominent individuals in the Philippines (at least those that I know of) pushing for I.T. entrepreneurship and competing head-to-head with India. It makes me wonder if this is where our national competencies are. Amidst all this push for advancing IT education and technological entrepreneurship, I do not even see any effort to link it with advancing our agricultural sector which, I think, is where the real capabilities of our nation lies.

I’m just wondering that perhaps we’re too engrossed with hi-tech that we’ve forgotten that it’s only part of the equation. We have to put it in the context of the national system of innovation which includes, among other things, the country’s natural resources and pre-existing knowledge-base. This is what led Sweden, for example, from being abundant in iron ore, to being competent in robots: the competencies that they gained in building mining machines and producing iron and steel were useful in advancing their competencies in building production machines and producing high-quality metal products which eventually contributed to their ability to produce robotic machinery. That’s probably a very simplified example, but one that nevertheless illustrates how natural resources and pre-existing capabilities play an important role in deciding which way a country should go.

So where do you think we should go and why?


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