On Balancing B-school Programs

This article got me thinking a few days ago about how to structure the technology entrepreneurship education program in Davao City. We can’t blame Jack Welch and other executives for regarding MBA programs as nothing more than networking tools. I for one would agree that some B-school subjects are too academic to be immediately applied in business. My marketing subject talks so much about the move from mass production to “mass customisation” and yet the delivery of the subject feels so “mass produced.”

I wouldn’t go so far as saying that B-schools are worthless, however. They play an important role in keeping a community’s management practices up to date and its entrepreneurial spirit aflame. We just need to keep in mind that B-schools exist, not solely for the pursuit of new knowledge, but to support businesses. There has to be a balance somewhere and B-schools will have to find a way to cater to the varying needs of its different market segments.



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2 responses to “On Balancing B-school Programs

  1. B-school is for fast tracking people to get into junior management positions with stock knowledge, and will be of use in hierarchical orgainzations who need a “common language” to communicate with their middle level people.

    They won’t be as useful in entrepreneurship where what matters can’t be taught in school, like attitude or creativity. It can be trained and nurtured in a school environment though, just not in the classroom. (But of course, best practices in various business processes will always be helpful. They’re not enough to guarantee success though.)

    PS. I’m curious if you already have a plan of what to implement when you return, Mark…

  2. I agree that, at present, most b-school programs are not immediately useful to an entrepreneur. But again, only at its present state.

    However, I disagree that entrepreneurship can’t be taught. By restructuring b-school programs, I think it’s possible. It will probably take a lot of resources to make that happen, but I believe it will be worth it. Also, you and I might have slightly different definitions of “entrepreneurship”. Here’s how I understand it.

    Jason, to be honest, at the present time I only have vague ideas in my head and a number of written resources from other schools around the world. I want to focus on understanding matters related to technopreneurship education for now (such as business incubation). As for the plan…I won’t start working on it until the second semester when my special research subject will commence. Let’s all hope it turns out alright.

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