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Unique Principles of Technopreneurship

Over the past few months I have learned and collected a list of principles that make technopreneurship unique from entrepreneurship. Here is that list:

  1. Nothing to see here.

I have learned that there are no special principles that make technopreneurship unique from entrepreneurship: Both regard innovation critical in remaining competitive in the marketplace, both regard management important to staying in control, and both view profitability as an important constraint that must always be satisfied lest the firm disappear into oblivion.

The parameters of both technopreneurship and entrepreneurship are the same and the way I see it is that the term “technopreneurship” is redundant if not misleading (some people tend to only see the “technology” part and forget about the “entrepreneurship” part when the word technopreneurship is used). If a community wants to step up its technopreneurial know-how, what it needs to do first and foremost is learn and master the principles of entrepreneurship.

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