Entrepreneurship education is like a pair of glasses

I’ve said this before: after working for more than a year for a very dynamic company that’s in a, likewise, very dynamic industry, I’ve come to realize that I’m learning so much more now that I’m in the field and that the stuff that I’m learning here, critical stuff, are things that my Master of Management program barely touched on back then.

But does that make the MoM useless? Heck no! Inadequate? Far from it. The stuff that I learned then, I liken to a pair of corrective glasses that an optometrist would recommend to a patient with less than 20/20 vision. It won’t make the patient an instant genius, but it will certainly help him study/work more effectively. For me, the MoM program I received allows me to see the entire organization I work for in a clearer way: I can see how Marketing, Finance, HR, and Operations work hand-in-hand to fulfill the business’ obligations.

I think this also should be the objective of any entrepreneurial course or program. It should be to teach students how to see a business in a more wholistic way. To require them to create business plans and usher them into business-making right after college? That *might* be doable given the right conditions but at the end of the day, the best person to decide is the student.

For now, I think that giving them an entrepreneurial lense is a noble enough objective and will improve their chances of taking the plunge and suceeding once the right entrepreneurial conditions are met.


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