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No such thing as organizational goals

People act on their own self interest whether that it lies in money, power, or the feeling of contentment and piece of mind. This is basically what an organization is: it is a collection of individuals pursuing their own self interests. They may let their self interests compliment one another (intentionally or not), eventually (perhaps accidentally) achieving a more collective goal but they act out largely on their own self interest nevertheless.

An organization may seem to have its own set of goals. But most of the time it’s really just the goals of top management translated to fit the organization. The vision and mission may be plastered on the walls of each conference room. Firms may hold annual gatherings designed to remind employees of these goals. But if the organizational goals do not line up with the self interest of the individuals comprising it, if management fails to show its employees how achieving the goals also helps them achieve their own individual interests, nobody is going to get anywhere.


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