About This Blog

Hey there and welcome to my learning journal for my studies in technology entrepreneurship.

Being a learning journal, I expect that there will be times when my understanding of some things will be inaccurate, incomplete, or just plain wrong. I’m more than open to comments, suggestions, or criticisms. While I claim this blog as mine, I do not claim any mastery of topics covered here. So please drop me a line through the comment box and tell me whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say.

Mark Maglana

“YOU SPELLED ‘ANALYZING’ WRONG!” I’ve been receiving private messages regarding this matter so I might as well explain this once and for all. I was studying in Australia while I wrote the entries here and I didn’t want to shift between the American and British way of spelling all the time. Since the British way of spelling was required in my uni, I decided to stick to that in all of my writings during that period.

“IT ALL SOUNDS TOO ACADEMIC.” Yeah, my bad. When I started this blog, I was still studying for my Master of Management degree. I promised myself though that I’d change to a writing style that’s more practical. And I’ll be fulfilling that promise right…about…now…ish 🙂


13 responses to “About This Blog

  1. HI Mark, I’m Tivo. I’m also a student myself taking MTM at the University of the Philippines. I also co-founded the Tech Management blog tmdefinition.wordpress.com where my contemporaries are contributing. I’m running the same blog as what you have here, the only difference is that it’s within Mandaluyong context. This is also a journal for my paper in my studies. http://www.technoguyfrommanda.ph. I hope we can share / collaborate on the field of our interest > technopreneurship.

  2. Hello, Tivo. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m interested in your proposal for collaboration. What did you have in mind?

  3. Jane Tesoro

    Hi Mark,
    As the current Executive Vice-President of Davao City Chamber of Commerce & Industry,Inc and one of the advocates for the ICT initiatives in our region, I am very excited in your journey and salute you for responding to the call of our community to venture into this course – you have been carefully selected as one of the scholars to make a difference and contribute to the mission and vision of our chamber, the city and the community we serve. All the best and keep in touch. Looking forward to the collaboration and cooperation of everyone to realize our common vision. Many thanks Mark – continue making your marks….. God be praised and glorified!!!

  4. Thank you ma’am Jane. I still feel the task at hand to be a little daunting, but I’ve also found that that’s usually my initial reaction when faced with an important task. I expect, though, that in the next few months things will become clearer and clearer.

  5. Hi Mark! I’m adding your blog to my blogroll over at I.T. Talks! I hope you can provide me with a link-back as well. 🙂
    Btw, would you be interested in talking to a Japanese firm re Ruby on Rails development? Pls let me know via email.

  6. Maiba naman tayo, Mark. Kapatid ka pala ni Love, kabarkada ng fiancee ko si Alpha. 🙂

  7. Small world! 🙂 Regards mo ako kay ate Alpha.

  8. Russell

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your link, I am just having a look around and heh, its very good! I will re-visit when I can find more than a few minutes, probably after June 4th. Well done and see you in afew days.


  9. Hi Mark,
    I’ll be using this blog, too, for more understanding on technopreneurship (however you spell it.) I’m new in covering ICT news kaya best efforts nalang gyud. I’ll add you to my blogroll.
    That question I asked you at the Technokapihan in ADDU about what’s the task ahead when you return from your studies in Canberra is meant for me to see the direction of the chamber’s initiative on TP. When Sir Andrei started talking about this months ago — wa jud ko ka relate diretso. But now, its getting clearer (medyo).

  10. surin

    how learning technoprenuer can contribute in education

  11. julieanne

    I’m an IT student of a non-prestigious school here in my place. Sir, as may I address you, whats the difference between technopreneurship and entrepreneurship?

  12. Man

    Some author said there is relatedness between technopreneurship and intrapreneurship. Is thats true?

  13. Die for what you believed or live for nothing?

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